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We are an organisation that provides our students with all the support they need to secure undergraduate admission into colleges of their choice in countries overseas. For those interested in studying in the US or Singapore, our intensive SAT/ACT programs are the first step towards that goal. There are a number of Indian colleges which also accept SAT scores as part of their admission process. For more details, click here.

We prefer to meet interested students in the beginning of their 11th standard so that, based on their school/college timetable, there is enough time to plan the ideal Test date for them. We also provide college counselling at both undergraduate and graduate levels, hence meeting the needs of prospective students under one roof.

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Planning your admission into the right college requires time and preparation. Let us help you make that process easier.

I really loved how everyone at ShaSa were rigorous yet caring. Preparing for and giving the SAT is a process that lasts at least a few months and having teachers that understood the pressure of keeping up with school work while continually preparing me for the SAT was definitely a huge advantage!

Heervansh Keswani (October 2018 SAT)

Total Score: 1550 (English 750/Math 800)
I joined ShaSa Prep for my SAT preparation in 2018 and I couldn’t have chosen a better place. Not only did the faculty’s knowledge about the SAT and the techniques required to ace it enable me to get the score I wanted, but also their continued support and personal attention allowed me to work on my weaknesses and gain confidence. I would recommend ShaSa prep to all students who want a nurturing environment to ace the SAT.

Armaan Mali (March 2019 SAT)

Total Score 1530 (English 730/Math 800)
I live in Thane, and there is a dirth of SAT tutors here. On enquiry, Ma'am was highly recommended, but there was a problem.....she was in Pune! So I decided to take online classes with her and it was a very good experience. She gave a lot of practice tests, and cleared all of my doubts. She was precise and to the point, which helped me immensely, in scoring well. I got a full score on the writing section and a super score of 1500.
"Ms. Sangeeta Shahaney is a dedicated and sincere professional, with a lot of experience. We were very happy to get her expertise, through the online portal. The one-on- one sessions was very informative and convenient. My son got a full score in the writing section, thanks to her able guidance"

Asha Nagpurkar (Parent of Anand - May 2019 SAT)

Online class for Writing Section: score 400/400
The teachers at ShaSa Prep helped our son Tanish with his Oct 2019 SAT preparation. Tanish really appreciated their help with concepts and plentiful tips and tricks on how to manage the questions and test time. There was lots of practice material and the series of tests leading up to the exam helped identify areas to focus on and improve. The almost 500 point increase from diagnostic test to his final score of 1490 would not have been possible without their experience and skills. We also appreciate their flexibility in working around Tanish’s school and extra curricular schedule. Thank you from all of us in putting Tanish on the path to successful university applications!!!

Ritu and Raj Sodhi (Parents of Tanish Sodhi - October 2019 SAT)

Total score 1570 (English 780/Math 790)
I would highly recommend ShaSa Prep to everyone planning to take the SATs. Mrs. Shahaney is approachable, highly professional and committed. The teaching quality is very commendable. All our needs /worries/questions were patiently answered before, during and after the course. Shasha prep will do everything to ensure complete understanding of concepts and good results.

Ahilya Kadba (Student - October 2019 SAT)

Total Score 1510 (English 750/Math 760)
The class really covered all bases for me. From the basics of the subjects and syllabus to the methodology and focus required, it really helped me prepare for the exam. The testing series also really helped to recreate the testing environment which was quite important. All in all it really helped me to prepare for the SAT.

Anish Pasricha (December 2019 SAT)

Total score 1580 (English 780/Maths 800)