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A strong vocabulary is a skill for a lifetime!

The one constant that our founder, Sangeeta Shahaney, experienced during all her years of teaching was the fact that young people do not read as much as they should. By the time they are ready to take competitive exams in their 11th/12th grade, they do not have the required level of vocabulary to get a strong score.

A strong vocabulary is one that stays with you forever. It helps your essay scores improve from ‘average’ to ‘above average’. It equips you with the ability to understand and converse during interviews, group discussions and in your day to day lives at a more adult level. It helps increase your confidence and self esteem as you begin to navigate the competitive academic and social environment that is awaiting you in the real world.

ShaSa Vocab is a Vocabulary building program that is conducted online. There are different packages that cater to the requirements of all age groups. Students are taught with the help of games and interactive programs so that the process is not only fun but also aimed at learning without needing to memorize the content. There are programs for adults who would like to improve their vocabulary for day to day use too.

Begin your journey towards acquiring a skill that will impact your life forever…today.  All this, in the comfort of your home!

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if you are interested in Vocabulary Building


Target audience6th7th8th9th & 10th graders and SAT/ACT students

3 month - Once a week; minimum 120 words

6 month - Once a week; minimum 300 words

SAT 8 week crash course- Twice a week; minimum 200 words


For adults with an interest in developing a strong Vocabulary:

Level up : with a focus on communication and conversation to enhance spoken English in daily life

Advanced : a higher level of the above

3 Months: Once a week; minimum 120 words

6 Months: Once a week; minimum 300 words