ShaSa Prep is an organization which was established in 2010, to assist students in their preparation for the SATs and ACTs. Since we are located in Pune, India, we conduct classes in two locations on a regular basis. However, our online program is able to reach out to potential students worldwide. What sets our online program apart is that students are taught in real time. They receive the same quality and attention from our experienced and committed teachers as students who attend our classes in Pune. Over the years, the company’s scope has expanded to include vocabulary building and counselling students to enable them to secure admission for both undergraduate and Masters programs in the colleges of their choice.

As Founder, I wish you a very warm welcome! I have been working with students since 2010 – ten years and counting! Over the years, I have gained a vast and deep understanding of how to help students achieve the scores they are aiming for. I have also gained a large network of happy students, worldwide!
Sangeeta Shahaney
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